About Us

 The Meditation Meadow at The Farm Community Peaceroots was founded in Petaluma, CA by former members and members of The Farm, an intentional community, created in 1971 as an alternative to our country’s pursuit of war and materialism.On September 11, war came home to our country, coming dangerously close to some of our children. Our country has responded to violence with violence. PeaceRoots is a network of people from around the world who are responding with an affirmation of our pacifist beliefs and through direct action.
 Sunset tree on The Farm, Summertown, TN PeaceRootsHeart of The Farm


We join together in thought, prayer, and intention for the purpose of experiencing, understanding, and facilitating peace.

We acknowledge our connections to each other.
We acknowledge our connections to all human beings everywhere.
We acknowledge our connection to all life force everywhere.
We are all one.

May we come to know peace in each of our hearts and minds.

May we find and create peace in our relationships with each other.

May we share that peace with our friends, our families, our neighbors, and our communities.

And may the roots of peace grow strong and deep and network throughout every land on our beloved planet, until all human beings live together in harmony, cooperation, justice, and respect for each other.

So be it.

In the 1970’s, Michael O’Gorman led The Farm Community to the fields in the noble task of growing our own food, a leader who inspired others with his selfless dedication.On September 11, Michael’s daughter was outside the World Trade Center before its collapse. Called from his heart to respond, Michael put out a call to The Farm network of friends and family, resulting in several national
meetings, an international teleconference and the ultimate founding of PeaceRoots Alliance in February, 2002. Our collective thanks to Michael for his continued inspiration and vision.

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